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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of "organic", "natural" or "free" traffic from Search Engines. Major Search Engine that we consider locally are mainly Google, Yahoo and Big. Take a look at the market share they have in different countries:


Country Total
Internet users
Google % Google Total
Baidu % Baidu Total
Yahoo % Yahoo Total
Naver % Naver Total
China 513,000,000     73% 374,490,000        
Hong Kong 5,000,000 65% 3,250,000     33% 1,650,000    
Taiwan 17,000,000 34% 5,780,000     65% 11,050,000    
South Korea 40,400,000 10% 4,040,000         66% 26,664,000
Japan 101,300,000 76% 76,988,000     22% 22,286,000    
Vietnam 33,000,000 95% 31,350,000            
Philippines 33,600,000 82% 27,552,000     16% 5,376,000    
Indonesia 55,000,000 96% 52,800,000            
Singapore 3,700,000 88% 3,256,000     8% 296,000    
Malaysia 17,700,000 91% 16,107,000            
Thailand 24,000,000 99% 23,760,000            
India 121,000,000 97% 117,370,000            
Total user 964,700,000   362,253,000   374,490,000   40,658,000   26,664,000
Total percentage     38%   39%   4%   3%

(our source)


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