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We are an Interactive & Digital Marketing Company. 5ive Media provides information technology firm dedicated to business success through long-term relationships with our clients and staff. Based in Singapore, 5ive Media is a dynamic, service-oriented enterprise, and is positioned to successfully respond to trends and changes in the information technology industry.

From Web Developing to digital marketing, we provide one stop online services to all our clients. Whether you are a large corporation that requires a total website design overhaul or a small start-up business looking for some additional technical assistance, 5ive Media delivers cutting edge designs and outstanding functionality for all your website development, CMS requirements while taking in mind of the SEO aspect of your web development. We have successfully delivered numerous projects and are capable of working with projects of all sizes. Backed by our unparalleled technical expertise, we provide the highest quality service at every stage.

Our web design services comes in various packages including:

  • Static (HTML/CSS) websites
  • Web applications
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce shopping carts
  • Blogs or blogshops
  • HTML5 websites
  • Mobile friendly websites

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Unmistakably the universe of innovation, digital marketing and online networking is significantly affecting how we carry on socially, go about as shoppers and how we work together so it could be reasonable for say that any business that does not adjust to the new period of marketing and interchanges is in threat of missing out. Be that as it may, while I am enthusiastic about all things digital I recommend you don’t signal your vision and pass up a major opportunity for any conventional media that your clients and prospects utilize and what at present works. It may be the case that a mixed procedure of customary and digital marketing can in any case yield returns for your business.

Here is 10 benefits of Digital Marketing :
1. Level playing field: Any business can contend with any contender paying little mind to measure with a strong digital marketing procedure. Customarily a littler retailer would battle to coordinate the artfulness of the installations and fittings of its bigger rivals. On the web, a fresh well thoroughly considered webpage with a smooth client travel and phenomenal administration is above all else – not estimate.

2. Decreased cost: Your business can build up its web based marketing technique for next to no cost and can conceivably supplant expensive publicizing stations, for example, Yellow Pages, TV, radio and magazine.

3. Easy to quantify: Unlike customary techniques you can find progressively what is or is not working for your business on the web and you can adjust rapidly to enhance your outcomes. For measuring movement to your web page you can utilize Google Analytics to gauge particular objectives you need to accomplish for your site or blog and most bundled email marketing arrangements give great knowledge into what number of individuals are opening, perusing and changing over from your messages.

4. Continuous outcomes: you don’t need to sit tight weeks for a lift to your systematic you would need to sitting tight for a fax or frame to be returned. You can see the quantities of guests to your site and its endorsers increment, crest exchanging times, change rates and significantly more at the touch of a catch.

5. Refinement of your methodology: Basically anything that you catch in your client excursion can be accounted for on and sharpened for more prominent accomplishment at the portion of the cost of customary marketing. All things considered, how irritating is it to get two or three structures come back from a mailshot. Marketing on the web empowers you to refine your system anytime and see any upgrades or open doors for facilitate refinement immediately.

6. Brand Development: An all around kept up site with quality substance focusing on the necessities and increasing the value of your intended interest group can give noteworthy esteem and lead era openings. The same can be said for using online networking channels and customized email marketing.

7. Far more prominent presentation: your business can be seen anyplace on the planet from one marketing effort, the cost to do this utilizing conventional strategies would be significant. In addition once you have improved the watchword look content in your site you should see a long haul return on your venture and will be genuinely minimal effort to keep up your positioning.

8. Viral: how frequently do your business flyers get gone around immediately by your clients and prospects? Internet, utilizing online networking share catches on your site, email and web-based social networking channels empowers your message to be shared fantastically rapidly, simply look how viable it is for sharing breaking news. In the event that you consider the normal facebook client has 190 companions of which a normal of 12% see their loved posts – your one message has really been seen by 15 new prospects, now envision various them additionally like and offer your message and their companions do likewise? Amazing isn’t it. However an expression of alert, terrible news can travel considerably speedier so ensure you have a hazard administration methodology to handle negative press when it is circled.

9. Not Intrusive: I know the vast majority detest accepting deals mailshots or telephone calls at badly arranged circumstances on stuff that they have little enthusiasm for. Online individuals get the decision to pick in or out of correspondences and regularly it is important on the grounds that they were the ones hunting down it in any case. Additionally, have you at any point got baffled accepting a customary email on a theme that interests and increases the value of you? Nor me so don’t think little of the energy of market division and custom fitted marketing.

10. More prominent engagement: With digital marketing you can support your prospects, customers and adherents to make a move, visit your site, perused about your items and administrations, rate them, get them and give input which is unmistakable to your market. So it doesn’t take ache for good attention to upgrade the possibilities of your business.

digital marketing singapore



We are an Interactive & Digital Marketing Company. 5ive Media provides information technology firm dedicated to business success through long-term relationships with our clients and staff.


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