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Benefits of HTML Websites

html website designHTML is the globally accepted language for formatting webpages. Its is easily understood and anyone in web development business would know HTML.

Given the growth of web development industry in picking up Website Development with Content Management System, like Joomla, WordPress, there are still quite a number of users who prefer building sites with HTML:

Here are some of the reasons why:

1) Development cost are lower comparing to CMS websites

2) Website load speed are usually faster as HTML coding are usually cleaner and lighter compared to CMS websites (Faster website load speed is also a plus point for SEO)

3) HTML sites are compatible with all browsers

4) Develop time are usually shorter and straightforward (for smaller scale sites)

5) It can also be build responsive

Before you start jumping into engaging a web developer to build HTML site, here are some considerations you might want to take a look:

1) You might need HTML knowlege and HTML Editor Knowledge (like Dreamweaver) to update the website and add content

2) There are usually charges to update your website when u engage your website developer

3) Less scalable compared to modern CMS website

4) Building a larger scale sites requires more man hours compared to website build with CMS


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